Transforming Thoughts of Time


The Book

The writings are called meditations because each one is designed to make you think about the subject or focus of the scripture. Each passage includes what I call a Transformative Thought. These “thoughts” give practical insight to the scripture and seek to give you a sense of guidance. The meditations were written with the intent in mind that the reader would stop and think on these things.  From a biblical perspective, we would call this action a “selah” moment; time taken to think about what was said, and hopefully what will come to mind is an individual revelation. These meditations are designed to meet your study patterns. They can
be read completely or partially as time permits. The great thing is, there is no need to feel pressured in reading the entire meditation daily. These are meditations designed to make you think and allow the Spirit of God to speak to your heart.

Meditations Transforming Thoughts of Time
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